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Founded in 2001, Cheap Tricks has been championing Independent, Underground Techno and Electronic music in Cape Town, South Africa.

Here you can download Free music in mp3 format that showcases the many talented artists we are fortunate to highlight.

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Jump Room Theory :: Remote Viewer

Moody, Minimal Underground Techno with a slight acid touch from Jump Room Theory.


01. Remote Viewer I – Double Blind
02. Remote Viewer II – Consciousness Setting Procedure
03. Subspace Signal
04. Until We Meet Again

The Dualist :: Love Lies Bleeding

Downtempo, Dark Electronica with a Retro Inspiration by The Dualist.


01. Love Lies Bleeding Part 1
02. Crimson
03. Love Lies Bleeding Part 2
04.The Maniac (Dualist’s Bloody Edit)
05. Never-never Land


Cheap Tricks

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